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Effortless parcel tracking

Stop asking your customers to do work to stay informed. TrustMile is a personal delivery assistant that empowers your customers to connect with their deliveries and stay informed without needing to follow tracking links or calling you to ask “where’s my delivery?” Regardless of which couriers you choose.

Maintaining the brand connection

Don’t send dispatch emails that tell your customers to go somewhere else to stay informed. TrustMile keeps your customers informed through a white-label experience maintaining the connection to your brand that drives re-engagement and repeat business.

Delivery intelligence

Truly understand the delivery experience your customers are having so that you can make smarter fulfillment decisions. TrustMile is a business intelligence platform that combines visibility to the quality of your courier services and collects feedback from your customers about their experiences.

Increase sales and lower costs

A repeat visit by a customer converts 9 times better than a new visitor. TrustMile helps you keep customers coming back, helping to convert them from one-time shoppers into believers in your brand.